What Is Paleo Kastritsa?

Hi there =D

My name Casta Kastritsa and this is my little space to talk about the Paleo lifestyle and just whatever else comes up. I have a bit of an interesting back story, at least in regard to what got me to the Paleo lifestyle!

7 years ago I worked at a¬†vet clinic in Michigan¬†where I born. My parents are first generation immigrants from Greece, thus my somewhat funny name. Anyways, I was working as a veterinary technician (which I love) and we had a massive rottweiler come in…but this isn’t going where you think it is! The dog was super nice and very friendly. These ticks got on me and eventually I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Lyme disease has been a huge burden on my life.

I had more back in with my parents and doctors insisted I stop working a technician since I may be reexposed to more ticks. Or even worse, I may allow the ticks to affect other people around me. But more importantly, I was exhausted all the time.

After some research online I discovered the Paleo lifestyle. While there isn’t much literature to suggest that the paleo diet would help with Lyme disease I can tell you that it has made a huge difference. That’s part of what we will talk about here- how a paleo diet has allowed me to go back to being a veterinary technician and doing what I love!



I have my own theory as to why the paleo diet works: processed foods are especially hard to digest and because Lyme disease affects the digestive track the foods actually cause you to be exhausted and hungry all the time as your body works hard to digest the food but doesn’t get much benefit.

Stay tuned for more!